Aladdin auditions coming up!

This is just a reminder that we have panto auditions coming up on the 7th July (2pm) and 10th July (7.30pm) in St Faith’s Church. This is for the speaking parts, and not the Chorus. Please choose a character to audition for and prepare a couple of pages (please message me for a copy of the script). Also, be ready to sing a short song – Happy Birthday will suffice.

The show this year will be slightly different from what we’ve done before. We will be performing on a specially built stage in the church rather than at the Watermans, and the dates are different. We may have the Dress Rehearsal on Sunday 24th November and perhaps only a couple of rehearsals during the following week before the show. We are planning to do TWO shows on Saturday 30th November ( 2.30pm/7.30pm) and TWO shows on Sunday 1st December (approx. 1pm/5.30pm). This means we would finish at about 8/8.30pm on Sunday, so hopefully not too late for people. These timings still have to be agreed, so may not look exactly like this, but you get the general idea. Please check you will be available for these dates before you audition.

Rehearsals start at 2.15pm on Sunday 1st September in St Faith’s hall. The other important thing to note is that midweek rehearsals for the main cast will be on THURSDAY evenings and not Wednesdays this time, so please bear this in mind.

It would be very helpful to know if you are thinking of being in the panto this year, so please get back to me asap. 

Thanks everyone. Please also remember to get your tickets for the BBQ on the 6th July!

Who can forget John with the bananas?!